«Raffa for You»


«Raffa per te» double page containing cartoons about Raffa and her friends’ life, recipes, games, DIY gifts etc.

Il Giornalino, San Paolo, weekly.


In 1976 Raffaella signs “Fatelo con G”, a short rubric of Il Giornalino.

Since 1979 she’s appeared (rather short and chubby).

In 1984 the rubric turned into “Raffa per te”.

In 1994 Susanna (a character of Gino D’Antonio e Ferdinando Tacconi’s) left Il Giornalino and since then Raffa has been the only character of the double page... a very long period!

I think this has been made possible thanks to my readers’ requests (by mail, e-mail and texts) who have always given me lots of ideas.